The benefits of business coaching

Business Coaching for Performance in an organization:

Coaching for Performance focuses on improving an individuals on the job performance.  When an organization invests the time and energy into developing its employees, the employees return that investment through hard work and dedication.

Knowing that they are an integral part of an organizations success, employees become more loyal and productive individuals.


Coaching is a healthy, positive, and enabling process that develops peoples capacity to solve today’s business problems. Coaching helps to develop competent, productive people that are better able to handle the everyday stress of the workplace.

The Team Environment:

To operate at maximum efficiency, teams must be able to overcome conflict and capitalize on individual diversity. Drawing on her knowledge and experience of team-dynamics and team development, Annette helps businesses and teams oercome their challenges, communicate more effectively and inspire its members to achieve greater things.

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Employee turnover is costly. Coaching has proven to improve employee retention levels. Let me help your organization improve it’s staff retention levels.

Mike said after 5 months coaching: There was a change between my boss and me. I went from being frustrated, unhappy, and ready to leave, to capable and confident. My boss does not handle employee challenges for me anymore. My coach helped me to see how to do things differently. Coaching helped a lot, I am staying with my company, and I look at things differently now.


Staff training continues to be a billion-dollar business. However, once the training is complete, people tend to migrate back to their old ways, sometimes even within 24 hours of the training. Coaching to support learning, is effective in keeping the training knowledge top-of-mind.

When coaching sessions are offered as a follow-up to training, the training event is transitioned into a learning process. Coaching becomes a form of accountability and a reinforcement tool that creates sustainability and ensures a real return on the invested training dollar. Evidence has shown that training followed by coaching, increases retention and the application of learned skill in the workplace. In case studies were coaching was used to support training, productivity rose by 88%, four times greater than the productivity increase experienced by those who were not coached.

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