Celebrating Failure !

Celebrating Failure ! That may seem like an odd pairing of words,”celebrating” and “failure” side by side. And yet it may be one of the most important concepts in any business. Fear of failing is the number one killer of grand plans and good ideas. More than a lack of knowledge or skill, more than […]

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Summer weather is still here in BC and August is often a month where we tend to let routines slip, don’t stay on top of things, and procrastinate. When the weather is good, we take more time to have fun, socialize, do sports, travel and relax and put all the necessary things on hold. So if you are […]

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“3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Write ANY Marketing Message”

Your marketing message is the bridge that connects your business to the outside world. Even on your busiest day, you must filter out the madness happening behind the scenes and deliver your message in a clear, compelling way that gets results. So how can you do this in a quick and easy way? The next […]

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The art of influencing others… persuasion

So today I was interviewed by a potential client that kept asking me why she should hire me as a coach, and how different would I be from other coaches. She realizes that I am International Certified Coach and I gave her all kinds of reasons why I am different in my approach, but she […]

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In a crisis…build on strength

Often the most constructive approach to making your best decision is to take your focus away from the problem and begin to draw out the elements of what’s working for you in your current situation as a starting point of a major change or crises. You don’t want to throw out the baby with the […]

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