Why do we need a strategic plan for us ?

We often drift from day to day, dreaming, wondering, hoping, talking about what we want to do, but really never really do it. Maybe we start towards a goal, but then after a while we don’t continue, sometimes we get discouraged, sometimes we loose interest, sometimes something else comes up, or we are just lazy […]

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What Does Good Leadership Mean ?

Leadership is defined primarily by what we do, not by the role we have been assigned. Good leadership starts “in here” and has values, clarity and a vision of what is really important. People instinctively follow good leaders. In essence who you are comes before what you do. If you are wondering whether you are […]

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I got inspired..and admire people who are different

I just returned from Los Angeles attending a great coaching seminar and I got inspired. Inspired by all the different people I met, the energy in the room, the exchange, the talks and mostly the greatness in every person. To really see that is wonderful. As human beings, our values and perspectives are shaped by […]

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Highly effective listening skills

While someone is speaking with you, do you sometimes find yourself thinking about a job or task that is near deadline, a family matter or even about the weather?  In the middle of a conversation do you often ask yourself if you’ve heard a single word the person has said? Did you know that we […]

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Believe in Yourself

I received an e-mail yesterday that inspired me to write about believing in ourselves.  The e-mail was actually about how our society mostly focuses on our inadequacies instead of our strengths.  Focusing on our greatness and what is good about us to make that even better. Don’t change, but be YOU and grow to be better. So, […]

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