Failures and Mistakes

Failures and Mistakes Loses aren’t catastrophic if they teach the heart and soul their natural cycle of breaking and healing. A real Tragedy ? That’s the loss of the heart and soul themselves. If you have abandoned yourself in the effort to keep anyone or anything else, unlearn that pattern. Live your truth, losses be […]

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What Exactly is, Executive Coaching

Part of being in the career hot seat is dealing with the ever-so-tenuous transition to management. Whether right or wrong, most corporate career paths lead to a role in management. However, being prepared for that step up in responsibility can be tough; the move from player to coach is not a natural transition for most […]

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Physician prescribes coaching for good for health

I came across this article and want to share it with you : More Americans are overweight and out of shape than ever before.  Their sedentary, high-calorie lifestyles are causing an epidemic of obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, and degenerative arthritis among other preventable conditions.  If those aren’t bad enough, obesity and a sedentary […]

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What is Intuitive Intelligence ?

What is this nudge we sometimes get? This feeling inside us that we often ignore? Another way to think of intuition is to regard it as a kind of intelligence, like a musical intelligence or visual intelligence. Unless blind, all of us can identify colors. We start in preschool and many of us add to […]

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The right dialogue makes a difference

I need to be respected. I need to be heard. I need to be seen. I need to be safe. I need to belong.. When all of these needs are met then I am ready to learn… A lot of our needs are fulfilled thru our work. We are all human beings and share fundamental […]

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