Coaching Q&A

Q: What is Coaching?
A: Coaching is the process of human interaction – a powerful alliance between you
and your coach designed to improve and enhance the lifelong process of human learning, effectiveness, and fulfillment and success.

Q: Who usually seeks Coaching?
A: People hire a coach because they; want improvement, want growth, seek balance and meaning. They want less stress, less struggle, more growth, more inome, more balance with business and personal life, more enjoyment out of their life, systems and solutions.

Q: Why does Coaching work?
A: The synergy between the coach and client creates momentum.
A: It’s an identification of realistic and suitable goals that will allow the client to achieve success. A more natural progression that ‘pulls rather than ‘pushes’ the client to success.
A: The client becomes aware of other possibilities and abilities.

Q: Where does Coaching fit into an organization?
A: Coaching professionals have an impressive record of making major differences in today’s new business climate. It it proven that major companies all higher coaches for improvement and higher performance.

Q: How is Coaching different from consulting, mentoring or therapy?
A: Simply put: A consultant uses data. A Mentor passes on data. A therapist or counselor helps heal their client. A Coach allows and enables the client to make the most of their own data in order to bring forward solutions. Coaching deals with the future, not the past. Coaching is focusing on solutions for your life, in various aspects of your life.
A: Mentoring is a different form of coaching in that a big part of what a mentor does is to share his or her wealth of knowledge and experience. In contract, a coach might share small segments of personal experience, but the focus is on drawing out information from the person being coached. Coaching and mentoring, separately or together, can be a powerful way of developing others.
A: The mentor will help to surface anticipated challenges or obstacles in your business or personal life. A mentor may also share with you their own experiences in an effort to help you overcome your own challenges and obstacles.

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