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Does “cold calling” work and increase Sales ?

Tweet I never ever door knocked or telephone cold called in my life. When I started real estate,  I heard people say, “you should do it, that is how you build your business” etc. I just never wanted to do that, I actually refused to do it. First of all, I am a girl, I […]

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Difficult people in our lives

Tweet Everybody comes across difficult people, either at work, at home or within your own family. What is that best way to deal with them ? And why are people sometimes so difficult ? When we look back, it started early in our child hood. You might remember in pre-school little John that always hit […]

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Self criticism, self doubt, self judgment all in your head…

Tweet I received a question from a client last week: I have a lot of voices in my head, self doubt, self judgment, and self criticism. They drag me down, will they go away, how do I get rid of them, how do I change ? There is no quick fix for this, but realization […]

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Goals and Self-Management

Tweet As my last blog was about New Years resolutions and how to keep them, let’s talk about goals and self management. First of all, remember self-improvement is self-management. You can’t change others or your situation, but you can change yourself. To change yourself or to change how to be better with clients or co-workers […]

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Ask me…and be a great boss to new employees

Tweet So, it is a rainy Saturday afternoon and it is the perfect time to write a blog. Now….. what would people really like to read, what interests them, what business or life ideas do they need ?  …. If you have something on your mind and want to ask me, please do. I would […]

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