Your Year in Review… Ask yourself, reflect and grow

Your Year in Review… Ask yourself, reflect and grow

Another year has passed and I feel every year time passes faster, or maybe, it is just my imagination or getting older seems to speed up time !

I want you to look at yourself…… and do a little review how you actually did this year ?

Thinking back:

What have you accomplished ?

What are you proud off ?

How will you celebrate this ?

Did your year turn out as you had hoped ?

What destructive patterns have you noticed?

What has worked ? What did not work?

Can you get rid of your negative saboteur voice ?

Do you notice your saboteur talking to you ?

What deep learning about you have you accomplished ?

Did you achieve balance with your work and in your personal life?

Did you become a better person?

Did you achieve your business and personal goals?

For the New Year:

Do you have a plan in place? For the year, for the months and days ?

How can you be more productive and effective?

What do you need to do to grow ? Where do you want to grow – in business, in your personal life?

What do you want achieve this year? Business and Personal ?

How can you stay on track ?

What makes you different from the others ?

How can you be of service to others?

Who are you becoming?

Where do you want to stretch yourself?

It is really wonderful to write these out to give you directions and reflect to the past year.

Wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season, with inner peace, lots of laughter and  happy times with family and friends.

Best wishes


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